Leaving a Legacy

The Ultimate Gift

Many people think that legacy is about money, but it really has nothing to do with money at all. Legacy is about life. It’s about the here and now. It is about behavior. It’s about how we live in this world rather than how we leave it. And to be intentional about our legacy, we must know our purpose. What are we here for? How are we impacting the world? What values are we passing to our children? What life stories should be documented? What is the texture of our family culture? And most importantly, how can it be captured for future generations? Our legacy is the most important asset we can pass on. A recent study found that non-financial items that parents leave behind, such as wisdom, life lessons, stories, values, morals, and faith are ten times more important to both baby boomers and their parents than financial inheritance. The question is, how can we pass this non-financial wealth to our children and later generations? There is an old saying that goes something like this: When one of us dies without sharing our lessons, insights, stories and wisdom, it’s as if an entire library has burned down. When we meet, we’ll discuss the legacy aspect of your Estate Plan.