Getting Started

Simply call our office at (760) 489-2938. We will set an appointment for your initial Free Consultation. We value your time so we keep this consultation as efficient as possible, without sacrificing the important establishment of our relationship.

Outline of Our Process

There are many complicated and sometimes confusing financial and legal decisions that must be addressed to create a plan to achieve your family’s goals.

Free Consultation

As we mentioned above, we offer a free initial consultation to examine your personal circumstances and assess your estate planning needs. This is a chance for you to express your needs and concerns and will allow us to develop a plan to meet those needs and also to educate you on the process and benefits of effectively planning the passing of your estate and legacy to your heirs. You will have the opportunity to retain our services at the end of the initial consultation on a flat fee basis, but there is no obligation to do so.

Guided Discussion

If we are retained, we will guide you through a discussion designed to help you identify how and by whom your estate should be managed and distributed during your incapacity and following your death. Additional planning sessions will be scheduled as necessary to ensure that you are comfortable in your decisions.

Document Signing

You will then be scheduled for an appointment to sign your documents. In the interim, your documents will be expertly and attentively prepared to suit your needs.

At the signing appointment, we will review the documents with you in detail. We will make any necessary last minute changes at that time. The documents will be signed in the manner prescribed by law, after which they will be securely bound for safekeeping.

How to Fund Your Trust

During this signing appointment and following the signing of your documents, we will educate you on the necessity and process of funding your trust(s). We will prepare any deeds to real property and assignments of any business interests in order to get the funding started, and will instruct you on the process of retitling bank accounts, retirement accounts and life insurance policies. We will of course be available for your questions or requests for assistance at every step.

Follow Up – Follow Through

Although this will be the end of the first phase of your estate planning, it is by no means the end of the estate planning process. We will continue to stay in contact to alert you of possible changes in the law affecting your estate plan, and we encourage you to call with any questions or reports of changed circumstances in your life that you feel may affect your estate plan. Of course, we never charge for these phone calls and all of our clients are entitled to an annual review of their estate plan at no charge.

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