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Mark Anderson is a highly sought-after attorney specializing in estate planning and charitable gifting strategies. With 30 years of legal practice, Mark regularly teaches fellow Christians how to be good stewards through estate planning. His goal is to equip individuals to leave the kind of legacy that will bless others through the life they lived, and to continue to support the work they were passionate about. He has taught classes and seminars all over the world at numerous Christian organizations as well as working extensively with Southern California churches. We invite you to start learning more about the importance of legacy planning here.

Christian Approach to Estate Planning

Mark’s teaching on estate planning is rooted in God’s Word, which calls God’s children to a high level of stewardship over all that has been given to them. From the beginning, God has appointed us to manage His estate. Mark demonstrates how our managing God’s creation includes doing good with what we have during our lives as well as how we hand off these assets to the next generation. 

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Leaving A Legacy

Everyone passes something on to the next generation. This is our legacy. The question is – what type of legacy will we leave behind? Biblically shaping our legacy is a way to give back to the Lord something for missions and evangelism. It is like a friend leaving a final gift to a friend – a legacy can ensure that your estate works for the benefit of others long after you have gone. It’s also a way of continuing God’s work in the areas that are closest to your heart. Your legacy is a unique, special gift that reflects your personality, your passions, what you care about, that you think are important enough to give to the next generation of individuals and/or ministries. 

“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant”

The parable of the talents in Mathew 25:14-30 calls us to act wisely with what God has given to us. Leaving a legacy aligns with good stewardship because our legacies are: 

  • a way of giving more than we could in our lifetimes – for example, some of the value of your property can only be accessed after your death
  • a way to give thanks to God by way of a final gift to His work after we have departed
  • a way to be tax efficient – helps us minimize estate taxes

Charitable Giving

It may surprise you to know that much of the money received by charities is given through legacies. It might come as a bigger surprise to hear that only 7% of the population leaves any kind of legacy to charity after they die. Most people desire to leave a legacy but they simply don’t know how to do it. Mark’s teaching equips people with the knowledge and tools for accomplishing their legacy goals. He demonstrates to his audiences how they can impact their churches, other ministries, and communities through their legacies.

Passing the Baton of Faithfulness

As a communicator, Mark weaves together biblical insight and legal expertise to motivate and challenge listeners to invest in the next generation of God’s work. He calls this “passing the baton”. With practical examples and Q & A sessions, Mark explains how we can navigate the complicated legal terrain to maximize our potential as stewards and allow others to take up God’s missions. As a result of his seminars, thousands of people have made decisions to leave millions of dollars of support to their churches and faith-based organizations. Because of these gifts, churches and other ministries have been equipped to continue God’s work, spreading the gospel throughout our communities and around the world. 

For more information on Mark Anderson’s seminars, please contact us at or at 1-800-443-7839.