Search the internet and your eyes glaze over as you see the dizzying array of attorneys capable of writing a will and “helping you” with your Estate Planning.
Adding to the confusion now are the growing number of online “do-it-yourself” will and trust services.

The Challenge…

… with many of these options is that you (actually your family) won’t know until it’s too late that your estate was improperly planned. Many families find out the hard way that Estate Planning certainly wasn’t a do-it-yourself project, and even the well-intentioned attorney didn’t do you any favors. It takes years of focused experience and ongoing training and education to provide the kind of professional guidance you need to properly plan for your Estate in all its unique iterations.

Estate Planning and creating Trusts is all we do. It’s all we’ve done for over 25 years. We spend every day of our week helping people with their estate planning, not jumping from business law to personal injury to Estate Planning. Our clients and their families will tell you we know what we are doing having proven ourselves through countless real life Estate and Trust Administration scenarios.

Don’t risk your family’s future by trying to save a few dollars online or by using a general Attorney that doesn’t specialize in Estate Planning. Times have changed. The laws are complicated. There is way too much at stake.

Here are just a few reasons you should choose Anderson Estate Law as your trusted advisor.

Customized, Personalized, One-on-One Estate Planning

When it comes to Estate Planning, one size does not fit all! Each and every client we work with has very unique Estate Planning needs. It takes experience, tried and true processes, and an intuitive approach to achieve your family’s goals in transferring your legacy to your loved ones. Fill-in-the-blanks services look good and seem to work well…until someone dies. Often what looked sufficient when filling in a form doesn’t end up working well because a form can’t tell if an asset is in the right ownership, and a form can’t inform you about changes in the law or help you when something changes in your estate.

Team Approach

It takes a team to effectively manage the various aspects of your Estate Planning needs. Our team of licensed Attorneys and seasoned professionals are here when you need us, and each team member is dedicated to one thing…providing you with the highest level of “Big City” knowledge and professionalism, combined with “Small Town” courtesy and customer service.

Having a team also keeps our attorneys focused on providing the best knowledge and guidance possible and allows them to remain focused on quality time with our clients. By each team member focusing on their area of expertise, it helps us be more responsive, efficient and organized, offering you the best service possible.

Our team approach also extends to your other professional advisors. We routinely work in conjunction with your accountant and other financial advisor(s) to ensure overall wealth transfer objectives are being met.

Streamlined, Systemized Approach to Estate Planning

We’ve developed tried and true systems over the last 25 years to provide you with the best Estate Plan possible for your unique situation. This is not a cookie-cutter template approach, but instead, a well-oiled process that avoids missing potentially critical aspects of your Estate Plan. And we outline the entire process for you so there are no surprises.

Flat Fee Practice

There are no hourly fees in our Estate Planning process. Our flat fees are quoted up front and there are no surprises. We also offer a Free Annual review of your estate plan and there are no fees when you call our office with questions.

(Sometimes hourly fees are requested by our clients in ongoing situations such as Probate, Trust or Estate Administration)

Ongoing Relationship, Communication and Education

We know Estate Planning can be a confusing process and it’s not something most of our clients know much about when they come to us. That’s why we first explain, and then walk each of our clients step-by-step through the entire process to make sure they understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Then we continue to stay in touch with you. We believe that proper Estate Planning is not a one time event. It needs attention from time to time. We prompt you with notifications to update your plan. We’re here for you when you have questions that inevitably arise down the road. We provide you with Newsletters and regular informative Emails and inform you of Estate Planning Seminars at locations in and around the San Diego area.

Built-in Succession

We’re committed to the ongoing service of your family’s Estate Planning and Administration needs. That’s why we’ve built in our own succession plan, to ensure we are there when you need us, whether next year or many years from now. Mark Anderson’s team approach includes Cale Beck, Attorney at Law, who is being groomed for taking over the family practice.

Your future is safe with Anderson Estate Law.