Winter Break Special

Winter Break is here, and the college kids are coming home for Christmas.

If last month’s blog post resonated with you, and you and your kids have concerns that you will lack the ability to make decisions for them if they are injured or fall ill and become unable to make decisions for themselves or to even speak with a doctor about their medical information, then I would encourage you and your child to speak about executing a power of attorney and an advance health care directive.

We will be happy to set up a time to speak with you and your child to explain the forms in more detail if that would help as well.

The forms can be customized to only grant certain limited powers or can be drawn up to grant broad powers to deal with all issues as they arise.

Here are two options to consider. First, the forms can be made to be effective immediately: meaning that the parent could act on behalf of the child as soon as the document is signed.  Or the second option is “springing,” meaning that the power of attorney is only effective if a doctor signs a written letter stating that the child is incapacitated.

There are several other options too. We’re happy to set aside the time to talk it over. Hopefully, these documents never have to be used, but if the unexpected happens I cannot understate how important they will become.

As our way of encouraging you to have this conversation, we are offering a special price of $200 for either a durable power of attorney or an advance health care directive: or both for $295.00 through the month of January.

Special Pricing

Durable Power of Attorney: $200
Advance Health Care Directive: $20